Disposing of Car Tyres: The Do's and Don'ts for All Motorists

If you're a motorist, then at some point, you're going to need to get rid of your old car tyres. But what are the right ways to do this? Do you have to pay for tyre disposal? And where can you find free tyre disposal near you? This blog post will answer all those questions and more. So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about disposing of car tyres.


When Should You Dispose of Your Tyres?

The most common reason for tyre disposal is wear and tear. Tyres have a limited lifespan and are generally expected to last for no more than ten years.

If you have seldom-used tyres, inspect them. The rubber will likely crack when tyres are not used regularly or haven't been properly stored. In such cases, they’ll also need to be disposed of.

Another reason why you might be looking for tyre disposal services is your tyres might have been badly punctured. The moment tyres become old and worn out to the point of being beyond repair, that’s when you should have them replaced and disposed of.

How Do I Dispose of Tyres in the UK?

If your tyres are already worn out, you may be asking, “Where can I dispose of car wheels and tyres?” This section outlines your options for how you can dispose of your car tyres.

It’s relevant to note that in the UK, dumping whole tyres and end-of-life tyres in landfills is illegal, according to waste tyre regulations. Under the law, both businesses and private households must dispose of their tyres properly. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

Have your old tyres repurposed

One of your options is to get creative and make something useful out of your scrap tyres. You can do various DIY projects with your old useless tyres, ranging from furniture to garden pots and decorations. Rubber is durable and flexible, making it a suitable material for do-it-yourself projects.

A classic DIY project is turning your tyre into a swing you can install in your backyard. This can be a fun feature, particularly if you have kids in your household. Making furniture out of tyres is another popular DIY project you can get into. You can take your tyre and cover it with a board and some rope to turn it into a rustic-looking piece of furniture.

Your tyres can serve as a gorgeous focal point for your garden, deck, patio, or porch with some creativity. You can stack tyres for holding large plants and paint them with any colour of your choice. Or why not transform your scrap tyres into planters?

Take your tyres to a tyre dealer or garage

If you need to replace your old car tyres with brand-new ones, the garage that services your car will usually be responsible for disposing of your tyres. If you’re changing your tyres by yourself at your own house, some tyre companies will dispose of them reasonably. This is, however, not a service that every company offers. Some companies offer tyre waste collection and disposal services where the scrap tyres are recycled.

Note that only licensed waste carriers can get rid of tyres. So make sure to find out if the company you're considering is licensed or has full permits before hiring them to take care of your tyres. Another factor to consider when choosing a tyre dealer or company for tyre disposal is the quality of service. Check out how long the business has been in business and its experience. Other factors you can consider are the price, capacity and convenience.

Visit to a recycling centre

Aside from tyre dealers, local mechanics and garages, you can also take your scrap tyres to recycling centres. Tyre recycling significantly helps the environment by minimising pollution caused by tyres being illegally dumped in landfills, forests, lakes and the ocean. Tyre recycling is a better option than carelessly or incorrectly disposing of tyres, which serve as breeding grounds for pests carrying diseases.

Note that some recycling centres limit the tyres they will accept. Some centres may also charge you for the recycling service. To find out more about the recycling centre nearest to your location, you can get in touch with your local council.

Through recycling centres, your tyres are, in a way, given a new life. Rubber from scrapped tyres can be refurbished, used for generating oil and gas and recycled to make various products. Rubber from old tyres can be used to build soundproof walls, roads and foundations for bridges. The process of recycling also produces crumb rubber, which has many applications. Products made from recycled tyres include speed bumps, playmats, asphalt, etc.

Donate your used tyres

You can also consider reaching out to establishments around your area to see if they’re accepting used tyres. Check out if any local schools accept tyres that can be used in playgrounds or as planters. You could also ask local parks or outdoor centres; the tyres could serve as playground equipment or obstacles for kids to play in. Meanwhile, animal sanctuaries or zoos may use tyres as swings for animal enrichment. Indeed, tyres can be reused in endless ways.

Cost of Tyre Disposal in the UK

Some places will charge a small fee to dispose of your old tyres. The price for tyre disposal services is usually less than £5 or £10.

Where Can I Dispose of Tyres for Free?

Some places provide free disposal services. Check your local council to see if they can give you a list of providers that accept tyres free of charge. You can also look up “free tyre disposal near me” to see where your old tyres can be disposed of.

Get Your Old Tyres Replaced Today

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