Locking Nut Removal


What is a locking nut?

A locking wheel nut is a bolt that is screwed onto your vehicle’s wheels to keep them in place.

When might your locking wheel nuts need to be removed?

If you need your tyre to be changed or repaired then you will need to remove the locking wheel nuts.

How can they be removed?

You will need a special kind of key to remove your locking wheel nuts, and this can be very difficult to do without a professional. It’s easy to lose your locking wheel nut key too, as it’s small and could easily get misplaced.


At Imperial Tyres we offer a locking nut removal service! You can rely on us to carry out a seamless removal for you, as well as any additional replacement or repairs to your tyres. Don’t try and carry out the job yourself, we have been established for more than 30 years and are experienced professionals.