Locking Nut Removal

We all know that alloy wheels and tyres are costly and this is why thieves are so attracted to them. In order to address this issue, car owners typically fit their cars with locking nuts to make it harder for thieves to steal their alloy wheels and tyres. 

Locking nuts usually come in a set of 4 along with a key that can help you remove them. Each wheel will only require 1 locking nut while the other nuts are left as is. In case you need to change a wheel, you should keep the locking nut key inside your vehicle, but make sure it is not in plain sight. If you need to change a wheel all by yourself, always unlock the locking nut first then attach it again after replacing the wheel.  

There are 3 kinds of locking nuts that are generally used by car owners. The most common kind has a keyed head. To lock and unlock this nut, you need to channel the key into the keyed head while the other end has a typical hex head that can fit into a wheel brace so you can unlock the locking nut in the usual way.

What is a locking nut?

A locking nut is a bolt that is tightened onto the wheels of your vehicle to keep them locked in place. They are a practical and economical way of protecting your alloy wheels from possible theft. Standard wheel nuts can be easily removed using a regular wheel nut wrench and this makes them an easy target for thieves. By simply placing one locking nut in a wheel nut, you are making it hard for potential thieves to get what they want because locking nuts require a special key to be unlocked. 

Although the idea is very simple, it is a very effective way to deter would-be thieves. Every set of locking nuts has a special security pattern along with a locking nut key with a matching pattern. The locking nut can only be undone by inserting a key with a similar pattern. There are countless combinations for locking nuts and locking nut keys that are available in the market today and in order for thieves to grab your alloy wheels, they would have to carry around a wide variety of locking nut keys to make sure they can undo all the locking nuts they want. 

Locking nuts gained popularity among vehicle owners who are worried about their custom alloy wheels being targeted for theft. With many people spending so much money for their custom alloy wheels, it is no wonder that locking nuts have become a popular choice to deter thieves.                                  So much so,that vehicle manufacturers fit locking nuts onto their vehicles as part of their standard and this is Thatcham requirement in the UK. 

And this is a good thing - until you lose one or more locking nuts or locking nut keys! In the past, losing your locking nut keys and security code was a nightmare as there is no easy way of replacing it and you’d usually need to resort to invasive techniques to undo them. That is no longer a problem anymore as Imperial Tyres are able to unlock your locking nuts!

If you want to avoid this kind of situation, you need to remember where to keep your locking nut keys as removing your locking nut without the keys is a situation that nobody wants to experience. For instance, in the event you need to change your tyres, add new brakes or have your vehicle serviced, the locking nuts need to be removed.

We recommend placing it in the glove or boot compartment. If you prefer to store it somewhere else, slip it in your seat pockets, spare wheel or under the seats. Just make sure you remember it. You will never know exactly when you’ll need it, so keep in mind its hiding spot.

When might your locking wheel nuts need to be removed?

Changing or repairing your tyres are the most common reason to remove your locking wheel nuts

How can they be removed?

You will need a special kind of key to remove your locking wheel nuts, and this can be very difficult to do without a professional. It’s easy to lose your locking wheel nut key too, as it’s small and could easily get misplaced.

To remove your locking nuts without the key, you need to use invasive procedures. Some people would recommend drilling, hammering or chiseling them out to undo the locks. Most of the time, this will result in further damage to the lock nuts, bolts and alloy wheels, making the removal process even more difficult.

To summarise

Do not try to remove your locking nuts by yourself or you’ll end up damaging either the nut, the lock, the alloys, even the tyre itself.  Imperial Tyres offers a locking nut removal service. Allow our car specialist to handle that matter for you. 

We use a patented tool with bespoke fittings that allows us to remove your locking nuts properly and safely. This is a cleaner, more reliable service compared to old fashioned techniques welding a bolt to your lock which may damage the powder coat or lacquer of your alloy wheels. 

You can rely on us to carry out a satisfactory and seamless removal for you, as well as any car repair or services that your vehicle or tyres may need.

At Imperial Tyres we offer a locking nut removal service! You can rely on us to carry out a seamless removal for you, as well as any additional replacement or repairs to your tyres. Don’t try and carry out the job yourself, use a company with  experienced professionals who have been established for more than 30 years.